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Operations List


operation pybash or operation underground: access a bash environment with python installed. Current workspace is mapped to /tmp folder in container.

operation ipython or operation rattlesnake: launch an IPython shell.

operation jupyter or operation neptune: launch a Jupyter Notebook.


operation rstudio or operation paramount: launch a RStudio session.

CSV processing

operation csv-split <file> <chunk_size>: allow to split a csv file into many parts.

operation search <query> or operation mirador: query to DuckDuckGo engine.

Shutdown (kill)

operation shutdown: clear all operations.

WARNING : this will stop/delete all running Docker container too.

Date processing

operation date or operation chronos: a tiny command line utility to calculate date and time difference.

Based on pdd.

Image processing

operation image or operation nightbird: a command line image resizer and rotator for JPEG and PNG images.

Based on imgp.


operation mlflow or operation blue_flower: launch MLFlow user interface from the current folder (must contains a mlruns folder).


operation shellcheck or operation white_paper: check shell script syntax.

Based on shellcheck.

Report (list)

operation report: list all running operation.